Patrimoines Privés - C&C Family Office
Patrimoines Privés - C&C Family Office 


We can help you to implement your philantropic project

The Académie des Petits Le Nôtre - Discover the Arts & Crafts

We're supporting and monitoring a philanthropic project: the Académie des Petits Le Nôtre devoted to motivate young generations to discover a future job among the Arts & Crafts.

The Collection Bouillé - New acquisitions

Since 2004 we assist the Bouillé family to preserve the legacy of both the painter Etienne Bouillé and the architect James Bouillé, to conserve the family collection and complete new acquisitions:

The Collection Mancel - Historic researches

We undertake historic researches on the famous Collection Mancel, donated in 1872 by Bernard Mancel (1798-1872) to the City of Caen, and now presented in the Musée des Beaux Arts

Montgrimont Automobile Club - Preserving a tradition

In 2013 we've created the Montgrimont Automobile Club in the way to continue the automobile tradition in the property where the first car with a petrol engine has been invented in 1884.

Cultural Centre in Croatia - Supporting artists

In project, we wish to create a Cultural Centre in Dalmatia (Croatia) in partnership with the Slovenian artist Igor Andjelic.

We're currently investigating locations in the way to identify a good place to take-over in attractive conditions.

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